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So you’ve all seen wine in a box right (which by the way is a terrible thing to bring to a dinner party when asked to bring wine)? We’ll why not guacamole in a box?

I know what you’re thinking, “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant but how will it stay fresh?

We’ll, in this idea, the guacamole is sealed in the bag with no air and at the base, there is a small screw conveyor that as you twist, it mixes the guacamole and ensures you get a good appearance. Also, if you think about a Nespresso¬†Machine, you could do the same thing with flavor shots in the mixing procedure. Just imagine you want onions in yours and I want ghost peppers in mine. Now, we can both have it our way.

Guac-Box. Say it with me… Guac-Box. Should this one go up on Kickstarter?

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