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Division 6

Creative Software Development Studio

Powering the future of creative

We Are

A remote team of developers, designers, engineers, marketers and overall creative developers. We are based out of North Carolina with the express purpose of helping you tell your story.

We Make

We create unique custom software. From Unity 3D to native iOS and Android applications. We also offer a range of web applications through Angular and React. If it’s digital, we can build it.

Our Story

Born from the need for honesty. We love to say “I don’t know” and then discover the truth with our clients. Through this humility, we are able to create experiences that truly fulfill our clients needs.


Mobile applications


MG of Caffeine / Day


Years of Experience


From VR and AR to data driven web apps and games, we help you tell your story in the most engaging and unforgettable way possible. We start by listening to you, to discover your story.


We create exciting experiences primarily with Unity 3D. From exhibits and art installations to presentations and education, Unity3D is one of many powerful tools we use to deliver your story.


You understand why VR and 360 video is in such high demand, let us work with you to see how it’s a good fit for your story and your brand.


Our primary focus is on Angular Development but we can also handle native development for iOS, Android and Windows when it’s needed. If you need WordPress or web work, we can make some recommendations for you.


Intelligent Creatives

You will rarely hear a creative say “I might be wrong” or “I don’t know”. It’s ok to not know everything and not have all the answers. Everyday there is new technology produced and released and it’s ok to admit we don’t know everything.

When we meet with clients, we listen. We help to identify what the real problems are and work to come up with creative solutions that will help to move our clients forward. We also make it a point to track the success of the solution as it is vital to understand the ROI on any investment.

We help identify problems and come up with creative solutions tied to analytics so that we can solve the problems, together.



Randy Larson
Lead Designer

Over 20 years building websites, apps and experiences. More than 30 apps published, countless websites and a myriad of digital experiences from museums and gallerias to bespoke software and video games.

Doug Kinnison CEO / Founder
Doug Kinnison

Over 20 years building websites, apps and experiences. More than 30 apps published, countless websites and a myriad of digital experiences from museums and gallerias to bespoke software and video games.

Garth Henson
Technical Lead

Lead technical wizard that focuses on back-end development and architecture.  Garth has a deep understanding of all things AWS and other modern web technologies. Garth’s able to deliver highly customized and secure systems from end to end.

What we’re tinkering on

It’s important to stay sharp and play with new ideas and technologies. That’s why we love to tinker! Here are some things we’re playing with right now. Hopefully this inspires you as it does us!

Hobby is important so I decided to work on my camera skills in Unity3D in preparation for some upcoming VR projects for the Google Daydream Platform. The story concept is based on the old NES game “Battle of Olympus” and my honeymoon. I’m using assets from BitGem, a very talented 3D modeler and painter. Check his work out here....

Ever get the feeling that the news has become divisive and well, fake? We do too. So we’re launching a service called Defrag.News that will help you get the news you want to hear about from sources you trust. Sign up now for the beta at https://defrag.news...

Virtual Experiences

Everyone is discovering and falling in love with VR. At Division 6, we’ve worked with Unity3D for 4 years experimenting with and building in VR. We can help you better understand this radical new technology.

Don’t get left behind!

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